It's that time!  Fall Minis details are being released right now!  For FAMILIES, INDIVIDUALS, and COUPLES

I love mini sessions for several reasons!  One reason is that the sessions are short and sweet!  We are able to do a lot in the 20 minutes, and can enjoy time in front of the camera just enough for a couple of great "living room photos".  You know, the ones that you get an 11x14 and hang above your fireplace or gift to all the grandparents in an 8x10. 

Another reason I love mini sessions is that they are so affordable!  We all, especially our kids, change day to day, and being able to capture the season of life RIGHT NOW is precious!!



This year's mini sessions will take place in Alexandria, VA on November 4 & 11, 2018 from 3:00p to 5:50 pm. 

The time slots are:
3:00p | 3:30p | 4:00p | 4:30p | 5:00p | 5:30p
These are the very best time for photos during the day because of the angle of the sun and beautiful available light. Because of that, I fully expect these times to book extremely fast!! Signing up is easy.

The Session is $135 for one look and 10-15 min of shooting. We will immediately review the image right after shooting so you can select your choice of up to 3 digital images that are included. These files are great for small prints (up to 8x10/8x12) and for large wall prints.




Signing up is easy.  All you do is click the link below, select your time slot, add any extras you want.  My favorite extra is the $30 dollars of print credit for $25!  You and I both know you're going to print off photos to frame around your home!  Why don't you take advantage of this special and make sure your prints are from the professional lab!  We don't want your memories being ruined by chain labs with noncalibrated printers! 

That's it folks!  Mini Sessions won't be available again until next year so jump on this opportunity to photograph the time of life you're feeling right now!!  Yes, you and I know how quickly it passes!

And please share to this with family and friends who would love to enjoy these mini sessions!!!