Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia
Weddings and Portraits Photographer

A Photographer shows their pictures, an Artist shows their imagination

Love is a choice. You must choose love and love fearlessly each and every day. My work is all about documenting love. The love between two people. The love of family and relationships. The love of self-acceptance. 

Photography provides the opportunity to capture moments of this love. The power of the photograph is that it allows us to steal time so that we can have a visual reminder those moments of love. 

I want to photograph people with passion and imagination.  I seek like-minded folks who wanted me to give vision to their authentic story and who are as passionate about capturing their love through images. I want to tell your unique stories and it’s my privilege as your photographer to tell those stories and capture that truth.  If you share my passion for capturing love through visual storytelling please get in touch with me!